Living in Thy

Whether you are already a new citizen in Thy or you are still contemplating whether to move here, we are very happy to extend a warm welcome on behalf of Thisted Municipality. Here, we believe that a fresh perspective on things adds new energy and new opportunities to our region.

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Grafik, hvor der står: Living in Thy - For internationals about our life in Thy.

At Living in Thy you can meet those involved in all aspects of creating and maintaining a good and secure life in Thy.

This years meeting will be held on September 21th 2022 from 4.30 pm to 7.30 pm at Plantagehuset, Plantagevej 18, 7700 Thisted.

You will be introduced to:
- The labor market/entrepreneurship and how the municipality can assist you in achieving your dreams and goals.
- International companies in the area.
- The life outside work – leisure, culture and nature opportunities.
- Practicalities while working and living in Thy.

Furthermore you'll get a chance to network with organizations, companies and international citizens living in Thy while enjoy-ing a free meal.

Living in Thy is free and everyone is welcome to participate. However, due to the event planning registration is needed. Please register here.

Living in Thy

For the very first time Thisted Municipality hosted the event “Living in Thy” in September 2021. It was an after-work meeting aimed at the municipality's foreign citizens and the focus was to give them an opportunity to learn more about our wonderful corner of the country.

13 stands were ready with information on everything from job opportunities and entrepreneurship to leisure and activities within the multitude of local associations we have in Thy.

About 100 people showed up and participated in the dialogue with the companies and representatives from the municipality.
We met four of them and asked them why they had chosen to participate.

Adam and Martha Szczepanczyk have plans to start their own business.

There are so many options here
Martha and Adam Szczepanczyk love Klitmøller and Cold Hawaii. The couple are originally from Poland, and they now live in Sennels. Adam works as a blacksmith, Martha as a cleaner. They’re 39 and 41 years old respectively and have an 18-year-old daughter.

Adam got a job as a blacksmith and came to Thy first. When they decided to move the whole family to Denmark, they prepared for a year before executing the plan.

Why are you here today?
- We have a dream, and also a plan, to become entrepreneurs and start a business in tourism. We see a potential in focusing on the area, which is located between the sea and the fjord – the midst of Thy - and have plans to establish ourselves in a country house and make accommodations for tourists in that part of scenic Thy. We really like the strategy of the municipality, which invests in nature and in creating the good life. When we got the invitation to this event, we saw it as a chance to meet Thy Erhvervsforum, says Martha.

What do you hope they can help you with?

- We have a project description - maybe they have some good ideas on how to move on with our plans? How we make it fly? We see lots of possibilities here, but it won't work, if you're lazy. When you want to achieve something, you must work for it. We are ready to do that, but if someone can give us advice and teach us something along the way, the help would be much appreciated, Martha explains.

Kezane Sudan has a degree in business management and would like to find a job in Thy, where she now lives with her Danish husband.

In search of a permanent job
Kezane Sudan is 28 years old. She was born and raised in India. Three years ago, she came to Denmark to live with her husband, Kim Fisker, in Sjørring. Kezane has a degree in business management and she lived and worked with recruitment in Dubai, when she met Kim through mutual friends.

Why are you here today?
I really want a job, but I haven’t had the opportunity to introduce myself and my competencies to anyone here, so surely I had to come to this event. At the same time, it is a chance to meet others who are in the same situation as I am, and who are also foreigners in Thy. Moving to a new country is a challenge, and with Corona it has also been difficult to create a social life. So I also see it as an opportunity to share experiences and learn from others, Kezane Sudan says.

What do you hope to get out of it?
Ultimately, of course, a steady job. And today has been an eye-opener for me. After meeting for instance Sjørring Maskinfabrik, I can both see and hear that my qualifications can be applied. I really had no idea that there was such a large company with interesting job opportunities so close to where I live, Kezane says.

Jeff Branchley has his own business in Amtoft and came to learn more about the municipality of Thisted.

A chance to network
Jeff Branchley comes from Canada. He previously lived in Holstebro, but now he lives in Amtoft and is self-employed. He’s 34 years old and has a six-year-old son.

Why are you here today?
I was invited and thought it sounded like an interesting opportunity to meet other international citizens in my municipality. I’m a “tækkemand” and have my own company, so it's not that I need a job, but it's always interesting to know what's going on and learn more about what the municipality stands for. I think this is a really good thing for the municipalities to do for foreigners, says Jeff.

What are you looking for?
A good chat and exchange of experiences. I’m a basketball coach for a younger boys’ team in Thisted and I also play basketball myself. Maybe I can inspire others to join the local associations - at least I think it's cool.

Rebekka Lusterio recently finished an education in international sales and marketing and is looking for a job.

Newcomer and recent graduate is ready for a job
Rebekka Lusterio is from the Philippines. She has lived in Denmark for 11 years but is relatively new to Thy. She’s 32 years old and lives with her danish husband and their 2,5-year-old son in Thisted. Her husband is originally from Thisted and they moved there during the Corona lockdown. Rebekka graduated with her master's degree in international sales and marketing in 2020.

Why are you here today?
I’m here for two reasons: Right now, I have a part-time job in Advokathuset, but my goal is to find a full-time job. I saw this as an opportunity to explore my options. In addition, I find it difficult as a newcomer to find information about leisure activities and sports and what level I would fit in on. I can get that information here, so I’m here for those two reasons, says Rebekka.

Has it been beneficial?
Yes, I certainly think so. I have collected several business cards and have had some good talks with different people. I feel this has given me the courage to contact both companies and associations. And then I have met other international citizens who also have had some experiences to share, so I hope the municipality will do this again sometime.

The event "Living in Thy" was part of Welcome September - a national welcome month that focuses on welcoming international citizens in Denmark.


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