Welcome to Thisted Municipality.

Whether you are already a new citizen in Thisted Municipality or you are still contemplating whether to move here, I – as the mayor – am very happy to extend a warm welcome on behalf of Thisted Municipality. Here, we believe that a fresh perspective on things adds new energy and new opportunities to our region.

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Velkommen til Thy

Dear new citizen

Congratulations on your new home. Whether you are a new citizen to our municipality, or you are one of the many people moving back to Thy, we are very pleased to have you here among us.

In this area, we have a saying: “Follow your nature”. This means to follow your heart and your gut-feelings, and to go after what is truly meaningful for you. This is what I hope you have done in your decision to move to Thy.

What has brought you here may be a reunion with childhood memories or a search for new experiences. Regardless of what brought you to Thy, as mayor of the municipality I will do whatever I can, together with rest of the board and the public employees, to create an environment where your life here becomes as good as it can possibly get.

We work continually in our local government to find new possibilities and to pursue them whenever possible. But without engaged local citizens that have the courage to act, we will not succeed in everything we do. I, therefore, encourage you to be an active citizen in your local area.

Once more, welcome home!
Yours Kindly

Ulla Vestergaard (S), borgmester
Ulla Vestergaard


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