Living in Thy

Living in Thy

Living in Thy - for internationals about our life in Thy

Come closer to Thy and all the options and possibilities it has to offer. Thy has a wide range of not only living, bus also job, leisure, culture, network and career possibilities.

Come meet those involved in all the different aspects of creating and maintaining the good life in this part of the country. Join us at the event “Living in Thy” and get an introduction to:

  • The labor market/entrepreneurship and how the municipality can assist in helping you
    achieve your dreams and goals.
  • International companies in the area.
  • The life outside work, leisure time, culture and nature opportunities.
  • Practical issues while working and living in Thy/Denmark.

Get a chance to network with organizations, companies and international citizens living in Thy.

We hope to see you on the 21th of September 2023 at Plantagehuset, Plantagevej 18, 7700 Thisted.


Registration for Living in Thy 2023

The “Living in Thy” event is free and everyone is welcome to participate, but registration is required. Watch out on this page or on Thisted Kommunes Facebook profile for information about registration which will be announced later on. 

Welcome September

This event is part of Welcome September - a national welcome month that focuses on welcoming international citizens in Denmark